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Guy Renardeau

Award-Winning Media Composer & Music Supervisor

Curriculum vitae:

After my master's degree in composition, orchestral arrangement, sound design, piano, and guitar from the Hochschule für Music in Kõln Germany and the Conservatory in Amsterdam, I went to several countries in Europe touring with well-known musicians. I recorded for EMI, Sony, TV Europe, and film producers. For a couple of years, I have developed a successful and unique approach to my scores and film music productions, songwriting, games and trailers. I’m passionate about making music for film, trailers, games, and commercials. Apollo Recording & Film Studio and GR Music & Film Group are based in Los Angeles, France and in Amsterdam.​​

•NBF Dutch platform for Movies.


  • •Spotify international music platform: Guy Renardeau

  • •Podcast features Guy Renardeau. Music reporter is a very large international film and music platform.

  • Heart of Hollywood Fasion Show 2020 Manish Vaid, Music by Guy Renardeau

  • Showreel Short Version

  • Showreel Long Version

  • Films on Vimeo

•World Soundtrack Awards – Academy Voting Members

Guy Renardeau.

Hollywood IWAA - Jury


Guy Renardeau is a highly talented award-winning film music composer and orchestrator. Guy is able to understand the emotions that a director wants to communicate, but also a professional on time with delivery and fixes or changes to make a project perfect.

Joe Kraemer – Composer

World Soundtrack Awards 2015, IFMCA Award, BMI Film Music Award (Jack Reacher, Mission Impossible – Rogue nation, The man who killed Hitler and then the bigfoot).


Guy Renardeau has proven himself as an outstanding musician, composer, and as one of the most promising young artists to arise in the genre of film music.
Mr. Renardeau will have made in the next few years quite an impact as a highly talented and accomplished composer.

Dimitrie Leivici is an internationally renewed Concert violinist and teacher.

In addition to his current concert activities, he is a highly-regarded and very active studio recording musician who has worked on and recorded over one thousand motion pictures.  

recording industry gives him the advantage of a versatile background, an exceptional advantage for any seasoned concert performer. 

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