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Guy Renardeau is a multi-award-winning composer for film and television based in The Netherlands/France and Maryland(US) After obtaining his master's degree in compostion, orchestral arrangement, sound design, piano and guitar from the Hochschule fur Musik in Koln, Germany, the Conservatory in Amsterdam and film research at the University of Chichester England. Guy traveled to several countries in Europe, touring with well-known musicians. He recorded for EMI, Sony and film producers. For a couple of years he has developed a succesful and unique approach to his scores and film music productions, songwriting, games and trailers.


Press: What makes his musical creations so unique? When composing for a movie, I think about the character and the story meticulously, doing research and analysis. Then I work on the proper musical sound palette to perfectly support and underscore the story and marry the music to the picture.


Joe Kraemer - Composer.

(Jack Reacher, Mission Impossible - Rogue Nation).

Guy Renardeau has proven himself as an outstanding musician and composer and as one of the most promising young artists to arise in the genre of film music. In his film music, Guy can use the music of a grand narrative, classical music and modern fusion, regardless of whether they are a magnificent present or his exquisite expression in Music.


Guy Renardeau is Voting Member of the Grammy's.

Jury, European Film Academy.

BAFTA member.

Voting Member, World Soundtrack Awards.

Guy R

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