Since serveral years I have worked with:

Director Paul Verhoeven - Steekspel (Award for the Best Music) 2011

BNN - Van God Los (series) - Buma Award for the Best Music 2012

Laat me zweven voor heel even - Viloda Productions Vida Behrouz 2012

Broken Fate Line - Prime Media International/Leyal Film Belgium/Istanbul Turkey. 2013

Cinekid, International Film Festival - Award in 2013 and 2014 Best Music

Trade, Rock Star and Tiemen - IFAN & Arte Nueve. 2015

AMC documentary for The VPRO and Brandpunt television 2016

Rose (12 awards and 40 nominations world wide)- Move me Productions Ritchie Vermeire 2016

Henry VIII A Royal Love -Mohr Productions and Emrose Productions 2016

Gijs - Director; Marjolein van PanHuys ft. Paul Verhoeven, Franz Weisz and Gijs Versluys

NPO Television. Premiere in Eye Amsterdam September 2017

Rub your eyes until you see stars – deepthoughtproductions 2017

Modern dance. 2 awards for Best Film and Best Music

Chasing Windmills(Peaky Blinders) soundtrack with Mitchell Brunings 2018

Hirofumi’s Suitcase (Award Best Music and Movie) – Natasja Pattipeilohy 2018

Soundtrack with Michell Brunings

(Award-winning vocalist The Voice) & Guy Renardeau(guitar and songwriter).

Illusive Films Network: Season of Rage 2019  


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